August 3, 2006

HOWTO sleep better

Science magazine's Career Development section has an article about sleep deficit and the science of a good night's sleep. The sidebar is a list of the following tips from Dr. Robert Fayle, medical director of Park Plaza Hospital and Medical Center's Sleep Center. They're kind of obvious, but also easily forgotten.

  • Sleep only as much as you need to feel refreshed the next day.
  • Get up at the same time, 7 days a week.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Make sure your bedroom is comfortable and free of disturbing light and noise.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature during the night.
  • Eat regular meals and do not go to bed hungry.
  • Avoid excessive fluids in the evening. Cut down on caffeine products.
  • Avoid alcohol, especially in the evening.
  • Smoking may disturb sleep.
  • Don't take your problems to bed.
  • Train yourself to use the bedroom only for sleeping and sexual activity.
  • Do not TRY to fall asleep.
  • Put the clock under the bed or turn it so that you cannot see it.
  • Avoid taking naps.

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    KY said...

    doesn't exactly tell u how to sleep ..

    mmulibra said...

    just close your eyes and lie down?