August 18, 2006

Any form of tobacco 'is harmful'

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Excerpt from BBC News
Public health experts are warning that more effort needs to be made to alert people in the developing world to the dangers of smoking tobacco.

A Canadian study of 27,000 people has showed exposure to any form of tobacco - including chewing and "bubble" pipes - boosts heart attack risk.

There are estimated to be 1.3bn smokers worldwide, 82% of whom live in developing countries.

Heart experts said the Lancet study was further evidence smokers should quit.

Most research has looked at people in developed countries who smoke cigarettes.

This study looked also looked at chewing tobacco, smoking 'bubble pipes' or sheesha smoking (where tobacco is smoked through a water pipe) which is common in the Middle East and beedie smoking - where tobacco is rolled in a dried leaf and tied with a string, popular in South Asia.

The researchers, from McMaster University in Ontario, looked at 12,400 heart attack patients in 52 countries and compared them with 14,000 healthy people.

They concluded that, overall, heart attack risk was increased three-fold in smokers compared with people who had never smoked.

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