July 9, 2006

My first home-made chocolate cake in Japan

Life in Japan is boring especially when you have no money and you cant go anywhere during the weekend. It's even more dreadful when the whole Japan is on SUMMER sales now. So I decided to make full use of Sunday by making my first cake. I have this microwave oven for quite some time now, and finally I am making full use of it today.

To boost my confidence, I started with a ready-mix chocolate cake. Things are quite simple. Just mix everything with eggs and milk. Then bake in the oven for 40 minutes. And the final product is "Chocolate Cake".

As for the taste, it would have been better if it's sweeter. Overall, I am quite satisfied. Next mission is Cheese Cake :-)

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Ready to eat!

Rich chocolate cake
This is how it supposed to look like

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Eddie said...

cheh.. ready-mix one

Nightraveller said...

Yeah, u can do better than that! Cheese cake cheese cake cheese cake cheese cake cheese cake! ;-p

dracula said...

hmm yummy!