June 28, 2006

Of all the name, why Chee-Buy?! I mean GBuy!!

OK, tell me that you are not at least smiling when you hear this.

Google is going to launch GBuy (Chee-Buy) as an alternative to PayPal payment system.

I think most of the hokkien dialect speaker will surely laugh when they a make a purchase trhough GBuy.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Internet search engine Google Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOG - news) is set to introduce a test version of its online-payment service as early as this week, The Wall Street Journal reporting, citing people briefed on the situation.

To attract customers, Google plans to offer an unspecified rebate to people who make online purchases using the service, known as Gbuy, the Journal said.

The service, which would challenge payment options by Ebay Inc.'s (Nasdaq:EBAY - news) PayPal and others, has been expected for several months, the newspaper said.

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