June 23, 2006

Japanese females prefer to work overtime than to go on a date

TOKYO — Eighty-five percent of newly hired female employees will put overtime ahead of dating, a survey conducted by the Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development foundation showed Wednesday. Natsuki Iwama, a researcher in charge of the survey, said, "As female employees are still a minority in firms, they may think that unless they work longer, their position in the companies will worsen."

The foundation conducted the survey between March and April on some 3,900 new recruits who participated in a training program it hosted. Asked what they would do if they were ordered to work overtime when they already had a date scheduled, 85% of them — both men and women — answered they would work. It was the highest figure recorded since the foundation began asking the question in 1972, it said.

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FH2O said...

That's kinda sad.

kijal said...

workoholic? Shld hv fun too - sometimes...